Crumbling Foundations and Hope

ed52ab9696954813cb23ff28f2750336Anyone who truly has observed history, and lived through it for decades, can see that something has really happened in the United States of America.  Our country began with a foundation based on our Judeo-Christian heritage.  Persecuted people came here to be free, especially in the area of religion. They wanted the freedom to worship and live freely according to the dictates of their heart. The first amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America guaranteed this freedom. Then an atheist woman named Madalyn Murray O’hair took on our foundational principles by going to the courts to prevent Bible reading in our schools.  This was 1963 in Murray V. Curlett, and she prevailed. The next year sponsored prayer was taken out of school. At first the Church just remained silent, and it let things roll on; after all, the 1950’s were days of great revival, and the Church had reached a state of great influence.
However, Abraham Lincoln’s comment above, which I repeat, says, “The Philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next” became an accurate prophetic fulfillment of our time.   It was in my generation that a sea change of spirituality and morality began to occur.  More and more secularist humanist began to flood our classrooms, especially in our colleges and universities, and originalist professors, conveniently labeled by the secularist as “traditionalist” rarely could or can get a job in the halls of higher education.  The atheistic/humanistic movement began to take root, prosper and steam roll anyone who held to originalist ideas.
Instead of freedom of expression, political correctness began to take hold.  Language began to change, and the secularist continue to attempt to silence any differing opinions by labeling those who disagree with their way of thinking as mean spirited, haters, homophobes and racist.  Moral codes of right and wrong are frowned upon and laughed at by these hyperbolic controllers of culture. And what did the Church do?  It ran to stay behind the security of the safe, locked, comforting closed doors. Or they joined the secularist in their onslaught against those who hold tight to the foundations that made this nation a great nation.
What do we get for all this so called progressive new way of being? We reap what we sow:  We get Terrorism, and the murder of innocents, as the Judeo-Christian originality foundations begin to crumble at an ever increasing pace. We get 56 million babies lives taken, with thousands of their lives being ended on the day they should have been born.  We get rampant sexually transmitted diseases that are epidemic in scope. The devolution of families, and its fragmentation overwhelms those left to pick up the pieces.  In some of our culture, more than seventy-percent of the Dad’s are nowhere around; meanwhile, single Moms struggle valiantly to hold their family together, as many watch their children die on the streets. The streets of our cities run with blood.  In just one city, Chicago, more people are murdered than the number killed being killed in  all of our war zones.  Never mind how exponentially greater is the murder rate when you put all of our  19,354 cities, villages and townships into a statistical heap.  Forty-nine “gays” were murdered by a Terrorist — who was also “gay” — just last week in Orlando, Florida. And another 53 were wounded. Our government keeps records of citizens through the NSA and other agencies.  Who knows what is going on with that? This bloated government now has two-hundred trillion in unfunded liabilities, and a debt approaching 20 trillion dollars … talk about greed.  People no longer even seem to attempt to apply the “golden rule.”  We simply go to our separate corners and many of us come out swinging. We see, therefore, that our foundations are crumbling, and the history of the Romans and the Greeks — whose demise is revealed in their ruins of the past —  is quickly becoming the present reality of the USA. This does NOT sound like progress to me.
So, how do we answer the Psalmist question?  That is a good question.  But I will tell you that this is not the first time that the world was in this kind of shape, and so someone gave us a plan that comes out of  Heaven itself.  The answer may seem over simplistic, and for the secularist regressive progressives, it will be pure foolishness. That’s okay.  You can stop listening, if you wish, but if not, here is what ancient wisdom tells us to do:
If my people, who are called by my name,
Will humble themselves …
pray …
seem MY face,
Then, I will hear from Heaven,
Forgive their sins,
I will heal their land. ~ GOD
    I hope it’s not too late.

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