In Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World, we are going to look at how Jesus’s teachings have transformed lives—and how they still can. We are going to see how He gives us the tools to put our lives on a solid foundation instead of a foundation of quicksand. No matter what has happened to us, we are going to examine the skills—presented by the Son of God Himself—that make such solid living possible. And we are going to approach this by going backward through the Holy Scriptures.

Please let me explain:  Most people, when they look at the ancient wisdom in the Bible, start at the beginning of a passage and read through to the end; however, one day when I was reflecting on Matthew 7:24–28, it came to me that Jesus was looking backward through what we call the Sermon on the Mount. For example, a brief look backward from His teaching demonstrates that Jesus wants us to go outside the storm-battered house, which represents each of our lives, into the yard to look at the trees and assess the fruit that they bear. (See Matthew 7:15.) He’s talking about leaders here, and He gives rock-solid guidance on how to choose leaders if we want to truly live. He then takes us farther into the yard, past the trees, to look at a wall that has two gates. Choosing the right gate will add a stepping-stone on the path of rock-solid living. Choosing the wrong gate only leads to sand traps and quicksand. As we continue the journey backward through this wonderful teaching, we will discover many stepping-stones, until we come to the end of our path together, where we will find the stepping-stones to a life that is blessed both here and in eternity.

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Overcome your storms today.

Chaplain Mac.

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