Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & God

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety and fear upon Him, because He cares for you.

Peter — 1 Peter 5:6-7

     Millions of people across the globe daily rush to social media for all kinds of “friending” and support.  Just about everything going on in each one’s life gets posted as we tweet on twitter, facebook, and pinterest to our “besties.”  Selfies abound, and for many they are put on the world wide web because they want to hear “how pretty” or “beautiful” or “hot.” When angry, people post rants. When sad people post an emoji that expresses their melancholy. When they are happy, a laughing emoji is placed on their page. And let’s not forget how texting superabounds on our super highways, interstate systems, autobahn, autostrada and other major super slabs throughout the world, putting us all at risk, while seeking comforting relationships.

     Yet there really is a place of friendship, comfort, strength and power that seems to be being replaced by all this cyberspace activity. It’s not temporal and or temporary.  It’s one that accomplishes the experience of the ultimate relationship. And this relationship gives us power beyond anything we can imagine to overcome in our darkness, pain, shame, death, more importantly, the pure hell that threatens our eternity. This relationship is more intimate than anyone can imagine, especially if they are seeking a truly best “friend.”

     It’s the relationship that comes when ye humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God.  It’s the friendship that comes when we turn from our brokenness and breaking of God’s law (turn from our sin) to place our life in His life through truly believing in Jesus. As a result, He exalts us.  That is He lifts us up, and He makes us entirely new beings who walk with Him every single day. Every second of every moment of everyday may actually be an  instant “tweet” or interaction with our beloved Creator.  Every fumble and fall can result in Him helping us face the book of life with strength, as He is there to pick us up.  We do not have to carry on alone because He will walk with us each step of the way and even carry us when we cannot walk all by ourselves.

     As our scripture today says, we can cast, “all our cares on Him.”  Why?  Because He cares for you and He cares for me.  He cares for US.  He is eagerly waiting for you to “friend” Him today.  Do as He directs, and you will Triumph Over Turbulent & Taxing Times.

God Bless You Today,

Chaplain Mac

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