Looks, Success & Recognition

Your Are All God’s Children Because  You Place Your Faith In Yeshua, Who Is God’s Anointed ONE.
Galatians 3:26

     When facing life, one of big lies that sets us up for failure tells us, if we could just look good enough, succeed enough and really get recognized by those around us as being “a cut above,” then we would really have the stuff to be enough. NOT TRUE! Take it from one who tried the route of the status stuff, such things will not help you acquire personal wholeness. As a matter of fact it will eventually leave you empty.  Appearances and accolades are okay for the short run; however, they are eventually will leave you flat.

     Christ-Followers find power, grace, truth and life … personal wholeness … in our individual and collective identities.  We already are made whole by our faith in Christ. If we truly discover who we are and whose we are, we will see we have all the meaning and purpose required because of the fact The Almighty mercifully, lovingly, gracefully gives all we need to live fully.  As Neil Anderson says, “The only identity equation that works in God’s Kingdom is you plus Christ equals wholeness and meaning.”

     You are already good enough for God, if you will turn from your brokenness and the breaking of God’s law, and if you allow God to authentically transform you through faith in Christ, you can rest in His love mercy and grace and “become” all He will make you to be. In so doing, you will be able to face anything and truly live … no matter how you look, your social status or how your are recognized.

Keep on Keeping On Sisters & Brothers.

Chaplain Mac.

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