The Crumbling Foundations

     As I write this, I have viewed Facebook and Twitter, and I have heard people lamenting the horrors of #Dallas #Orlando #Boston #Chicago #Ferguson.  I hear about world wide mayhem in  places like the UK, France and Germany, not to mention South Africa, Darfur, and even south of the U.S. Border where Drug King Pins live without any fear of prosecution.  I could keep listing many other nations.  Indeed, the atrocities are world wide as Christians and others are beheaded, raped, robbed, sold into #slavery.  The primary question I hear in America is “What is going on?”  Asked another way, “What is causing all of this in our city’s and on our streets?

     I have offered an answer that is true, and I feel like I am sometimes whistling in the wind.  Jesus offers us hope as we are crumbling from within:  The philosophy of the school room, as Abraham Lincoln told us, has now become the philosophy of our government and people. Secularism has driven churches,  the teachings of Christ and the Bible completely from the school system, and all these same churches seem to have put up a white flag, have retreated from the public educational arena entirely. Sadly churches set up most of the great Universities and colleges in America; nevertheless, we retreated from even being allowed to even have a conversation in the public school.  This Judeo-Christian foundation  of our nation set the USA and other nations of western civilization on a course for greatness.  The USA actually  eventually became a world power, and we did “good” in the world.   Secularists have chipped away our Judeo-Christian foundation, and they have filled the vacuum with their politically correctness and religion of secularism. Our nation is reaping what it has sown.

     In Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World, I am hoping that I can find a way to share the liberating truth that will indeed set us free.  My platform for doing so is small, but we must get back to that which will help us stand up to the storms of life that threaten us.  We must get back to  actually hearing what is said in the sacred foundational teachings of “The Sermon on The Mount” That served our culture so well. If we can regain this solid ground, we will make it.  If not we ARE going to crash “with a great crash” as did Greece and Rome. Please check out Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World, and read it prayerfully and carefully:

   Go to and place Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World into Amazon’s search engine.  Get it on Kindle or in paperback.  Tell your friends.

May We Turn Back To The Liberating Teachings of Jesus. May We Get Our Collective Feet Planted On The Solid Rock That Once Served us well.

May we find, once again Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World.

Chaplain Mac

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