WATCH OUT! Jesus Picking Leaders #3


Continued From Jesus Teaching On How To Pick Leaders

Jesus said, “By their fruits you shall know them.”

It’s time for you, the reader, to  follow Jesus’ teaching to move onto a stepping-stone and inspect the “fruit” of some of our clergy, politicians, judges or even some medical personnel who took Hippocrates’s vow to “do no harm.” Are there people representing God, country, the judiciary and the medical profession who live out what I call “the sin is a civil right philosophy”? I think there are:

  1. Those who have the Ten Commandments ingrained on the once-hallowed halls of the Supreme Court? Are they not violating those very laws by authorizing the taking of baby’s or fetus’s life? The holy answer is yes.
  2. Are there Christian leaders guiding people as if Jesus never said, “I am the way, the truth and the life?” (See John 14:6); There are.
  3. Have you noticed medical persons selling baby body parts, but they are not in the least concerned about whether or not innocent blood was shed? Millions watched their confessions on national TV as they laughed, ate lunch, and sipped wine. They seemed to sinfully think that they had the civil right to destroy that life. Oh I forgot! They didn’t think of “it” as a life. As you inspect their fruit, you will see how they clearly creating a culture of death.
  4. Do you know of any spiritual leaders who are redefining the biblical definition of sexual immorality? I do. One retired United Methodist bishop, who previously served in California, violated The United Methodist Covenant as he traveled to Alabama. There he publically conducted a same-sex marriage. And he did so against the wishes of the bishop in Alabama. He acted out in one of the most sexist ways possible. This overzealous male completely disregarded the authority of the bishop who happened to be female. Again, I think if you pay attention, you will indeed hear and even view the handiwork of the clerics of modernism speaking and acting inappropriately regarding these matters. Sadly people like this sexist bishop get away with violating the UM Covenant, and still he is paid a  salary out of the offerings of God’s people who only want to do good.
  5. Consider these thoughts: There are now key legal “experts” that determined “gay marriage” is a civil right; therefore, it seems they –the Supreme Court — has overstepped its bounds from interpreting law to actually making law. These “five lawyers” (as designated by Chief Justice Roberts) ignored the concerns of Christians, Jews, Muslims, other religious groups and millions of American voters. They codified and declared homosexuality a civil right rather than a sin. In so doing, I am certain they offended people of the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faith groups (not to mention non-religious traditionalists). World wide these represent literally billions of people. You don’t get much more diverse than this plurality of people who agree on this particular definition of sin.
  6. Needless to say, SCOTUS majority opinion put the civil rights of those seeking religious liberty at risk by their pontifications. While determining this one sin to be a civil right, those who call for diversity and tolerance threw the civil rights of major Faith Groups into the intolerant trash heap of history.
  7. So, once again, they hold to their own views and are hateful &  intolerant of those who think differently from them. Just ask a couple of bakers in Oregon who did not wish to bake a cake for a “Gay” couple’s wedding. They lost their business and paid well over one hundred thousand dollars in fines. Or ask an elected official in Kentucky who was jailed because she did not wish to authorize “Gay Marriage” over her signature.

This is not the only time such has happened:

  1. The Supreme Court once wrongly declared slaves as three fifth person. So the courts violated their civil rights while supporting the sin of slavery.
  2. Or they also declared the baby or fetus as not a person. This paved the way for the destruction of over fifty million lives (even as late as in the ninth month of the pregnancy) without calling it murder.
  3. Now they have declared that the sacred sacramental word (to Christians) “marriage” is not just between a man and a woman. A more tolerant view would have called a same sex attracted couples joining together “a civil union.” But SCOTUS has legislated from the bench as they ignore millions of voters who expressed their will clearly. Meanwhile, many of the nonaccountable Episcopal leaders of the United Methodist Church and other non accountable leaders of other denominations seemingly applauded.

Indeed, I suspect that you will not have to look very far to find that there are many such leaders representing God, country, the judiciary and the medical community today. I suspect you will not have to look very far to see that such people have large intolerant crowds following them, crying “diverse,” “tolerant,” loving sayings like “black lives matter” rather than “lives matter.” They ignore the thousands of black on-black murders as they denigrate our police. Sounds like they are wanting to segregate rather than integrate, which is the opposite goal of The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.

These sentiments filter to other groups as they cry out for others to tolerate their bad behavior. Some are heard chanting things like “What do we want? Dead Cops. When do we want it? Now!” Or “Pigs in a blanket. Fry them like bacon.” One black policeman was killed in New York recently. He immigrated to the U.S. But this crowd did not grieve his death. Why? I guess they received him as being what they wanted … a dead cop “now.” Sadly our President and one political party support them openly and embrace their definition of “diversity.”

Or consider the progressively “enlightened” as they discuss the selling of baby brains and other body parts in a market place. They acquired these body parts from the babies they aborted. The opinions of those wearing supreme black robes have actually flowed powerfully down on the citizenry to justify it all from the bench. The fruit of their lives is the evidence that, spiritually speaking, clearly indicates that they will lead you to a place of quicksand living (contrary to sound biblical teaching). Such “wolves in sheep’s clothing” who are in leadership will indeed impact you, me and future generations.

Additionally consider, what the doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and clergy of the National Association for Research and Treatment of Homsexuality (NARTH or Narth Institute) have disclosed: They have made public the efforts of some in the homoseuxal community to prevent people who are seeking help to overcome their homosexual attractions from getting the care they desire. They have actually opposed a therapy that shows real promise and has been effective. No it has not worked for everyone, anymore than the twelve-step program has made it possible for every alcoholic to achieve sobriety; however, it clearly does work. Check out and check out to see how these folks are offering real transformation.  Image result for pictures of people trampling on the constitution of the united states of america

Yet, with no real solid scientific proof, these militants want to trample on the civil rights of those who want to pursue the care necessary to help them rebuild their lives. Some of these suffering persons feel same-sex attraction is wrong. They consider homosexuality is a sin, and they are getting help; however, those who have propagated the myth that homosexual persons will always remain so. Thus, they try to prevent them from their civil right to choose reparative therapy. The so-called progressives have actually tried to make reparative therapy illegal by spreading lies and innuendo. But they have to do this because if even only one person can change, their foundational principle collapses. —and in my own ministry I have observed more than one being transformed by the Gospel; therefore, a changeable behavior cannot be considered the same as a a civil right issue. It is a moral issue. It’s an issue of whether or not the Gospel of Jesus not only forgives sin, but it sets a person free from bondage to sin and to death.

Let me be crystal clear about this. I am not talking about judging others. I am talking about examining what one, who calls himself or herself a leader, produces in comparison to God’s good news for giving life. I am talking about what comes from the living of their lives and leadership? I am talking about people who claim to speak for God, country, and the medical community but whose values are foreign to the teachings of the Kingdom of God. The fruit they are producing in their lives is as easily identifiable as the fruit of an apple tree. When speaking about them, Jesus says,

“Watch out!” They are ferocious. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing! They are evildoers! “Quicksand is not far away! Follow them, and when the storms of life come your way, you are setting yourself up for present and/or eternal failure. Choose to follow godly leaders. Believe the truth, and be set free…if you want rock-solid living.

“Watch out!” Consider the teachings of Jesus.

There you have it.  Three parts of a discussion Jesus teaches us where He guides us on the path of how to live on a present day and eternal rock-solid path. Or you can follow those who will leave you trapped.

 This was excerpted from Rock-Solid Living In A Quicksand World.  Get your copy today at …

God Bless You,

Chaplain Mac

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