Why Support Israel

I will bless those who bless you.
I will curse those who curse you.
Through you all the families of the earth will be blessed.
God Making A Promise To Abraham.
Genesis 12:3

Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, and whoever curses Israel will be cursed.
Numbers 24:9

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Holy Land

 We have an astounding promise or promises made here from God Almighty to Abraham and to his “seed” or descendants. I don’t know why God chose Israel, but HE did!  And thousands of years ago God promised them the land on which they now live and to which HE returned them in the 20th century.  The USA and England have been supporters of Israel largely because of our understanding of World History and the precise teachings of God in the Holy Bible. Do the research: Biblical, historical and archaeological records validate one thing: The land shared by Palestinians and Jews belongs to Israel, and Jerusalem is its capital.  For four millennia this God promised land was given to the Jews via God’s covenant with them.

Regarding The Palestinians:

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Many have said “There should be a two nation solution.” Israel should give up huge portions of land for the Palestinians to establish their own nation alongside of Israel. Yet, let’s think this through: My first reason I don’t think a two nation “solution” is valid is that Palestinians are, for the most part, Muslim.  Some are Christians, but mostly they are Muslim who are not peace loving.  All too many of them are radical, and besides this, the Muslim’s sacred land is Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is Islam’s holiest city in which Muhammad reportedly received his first revelation in a cave. They hold no right to any of this land  in Israel whatsoever.

Secondly, as I have already said, these Palestinian Islamist are not peace loving, and they are extremist who continually seek war with Israel. They claim Israel has NO right to have their land or even exist. How could Israel safely agree to an accord with people who wish for their annihilation. Again and again missiles are launched (by the thousands) on Israel from the contested lands.  Bombs are detonated among innocent Israelis. Stabbings have happened again and again on even children, by the Palestinians, to whom we have given billions of dollars in support. Some of the most violent Islamist dominate the politics of the Palestinian Authority and influence them toward hatred of the Jews and America.  They claim Israel has NO right to the Holy land that Israel has caused to prophetically bloom in the desert.

This Week In The News

Image result for Picture of the UN

This week all indications are the USA came as close to cursing Israel as in any time in our history.  The UN, which is a dismal failure based on its original charter, once again adopted as anti semitic a resolution as ever written.  Usually the USA stands up and protects Israel.  This week we did not.  We abstained from voting rather than vetoing this ridiculous measure. There are even now indications that President Obama’s administration pushed for this resolution from behind the scenes, but now that there has been a backlash from both democrats republicans, the administration denies having done so. There is evidence the administration is being less than truthful. Time will tell. Please view the following attached video regarding what the implications of this are for Israel and the USA. You may have to copy and paste them to your URL if they will not open.


Image result for American and Israeli Flags together

I hope authentic Christ-Followers in America, if not only for the sake of Israel but for the sake of the USA, will stand firm in our commitment to Israel.  Let us be the first to bless Israel and receive God’s blessings.  Let us be the last to ever even consider NOT supporting Israel.  In standing by Israel, we will do as much good, if not more good, for the United States as is done for Israel. God’s will is very clear here.  If we bless Israel, we will indeed be blessed.  If we curse Israel, we will be cursed. Since the world appears to be on fire, this is a time for people of faith to do some seriously sober thinking.

May This Holy Season Be A Sacred Time For Yours And You.


Chaplain McGowen

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