Covenant Comfort And Strength

Image result for Picture of Hebrews 4:14-16Anyone that has done any living at all knows that life can hand you a whole lot of issues with which you need to deal.  Throughout Hebrews we have seen – or will see  -that Jesus fulfills God’s law. His blood cleanses us completely of any vestige of sin or its consequence. His sacrificed body  sanctifies us (makes us holy, blameless and free from all accusation) and sets us apart for God’s holy purposes.  He even makes us perfect in God’s sight, as we shall see later.  Finally He actually transforms us by writing God’s law on our hearts and placing them in our minds.

In this passage, the Wonderful Counselor appears in the form of the most high of all High Priests throughout eternity.  I am talking about Jesus.  Take a close look at this passage and you can see some powerful truth that will forever and eternally change your life for the better, as you surrender to His counsel and guidance, one day at a time. So let us do as the Hebrew writer says, and let us hold on tight to what we believe,  as we learn a little more about how God works personally in our lives.

The Empathy Factor.

The Wonderful Counselor, who is here called “The Great High Priest,” empathizes with us like no other Psychologist, Social Worker, Psychiatrist and or Pastoral Counselor could ever hope to do.  Once you pour out your heart to Him, like some today, you could ask, “Do you feel me?” He will say “I feel you.”  I feel your pain.  I feel your weakness. I feel you fear.  I feel your joy.  I feel everything you are going through, because  I “was tempted in every way like you have been tempted.”

But What About The Really Bad Stuff?

Image result for Picture of Isaiah 53:5

I can almost hear someone who has sat down broken in the beautiful sanctuaries of our day say, “Jesus cannot even begin to understand my trauma. What about all the Really Bad Stuff? Does He understand my PTSD?  I don’t see how He can come close to understanding what I am going through.”

Think about all the abuse He endured as the Word declares — and thousands witnessed –that His body was wounded or pierced by a spear in His side.  He was bruised when Herod’s men covered His face and beat Him, as they mocked Him and said, “Prophesy who hit you.” His skull must have felt like it was ignited as they crammed a crown of thorns down on His brow. He was punished from the moment He healed the servant’s ear in Gethsemane, was stripped of His clothes, and striped on His back  by a whip with bone tipped ends. And He was forced to carry the Cross naked down the street in front of a kicking, jeering, screaming and spitting demonically hate filled and violent mob! All the while,  He bled slowly to death. He was traumatized by nails being driven into His hands and feet and lifted up on the Cross as the shear gravity that pulled His body down crushed His soul and spirit. Believe me when I tell you Jesus understands your traumatic experiences. He had quite a few of His own.

He also understands every temptation you are going through today.  The temptation to lie, cheat, lust and hate were thrown up to Him especially as He ministered to all kinds of people in bondage to sin. We even see in the Bible where he had a face to face encounter with Satan. He was tempted to violate a promise to God to finish a fast before the agreed upon time with God.  And this was after 40 days with no food.  He was tempted to commit suicide and jump off a high place.  He was tempted to worship as a Satanist and actually bow down to Satan.  Yet, as our verse says, He did not sin.  So He understands you when you are tempted to not keep your word to the Heavenly Father.  He understands you when you wish you could just end it all.  He understands you when you may have gone down a path of sin and feel really drawn to the occult and other false gods. He gets “it” like no one else. He also gives you the stuff to be enough. He gives you the ability to overcome.

The Invitation

Here is the good news:  He understands.  He has walked a mile in your shoes; therefore, He invites you to come to Him boldly.  Pray to Him.  Go to Him as The Wonderful Counselor.  Talk to Him about anything and everything.  He gives you this privilege to come boldly. Why?  So you can obtain mercy. That’s why. That is so you will not receive what you deserve. And you do this so you can get what you need that you don’t deserve … grace to help you just when you need it most. He will help you.  He will comfort you, and He will give you all the strength you need. He will help you be an overcomer.

It’s your choice.  He is waiting for you to come to Him even as you read this blog.

God Bless You,

Chaplain Mac.

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