To Continue or NOT Continue???

To Continue Or Not Continue: Now That Is The Question

I have two blogs:  One of them is absolutely free, and cost me nothing.  People are visiting it from numerous places throughout the globe in both the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.  Again, it cost me not one penny. Even so thousands of people make a habit of coming to this site

Then I have this blog :  I have had now for months, and I have published it again and again.  I actually had my son help me set it up, and I do pay for this blog.  So far it does not even begin to reach anywhere near what my other blog is reaching, and I am coming to a place whether or not I believe this blog is worth publishing. I mean, why should I pay for something that simply does not work well at all. may have a good thing going, but they don’t seem to be nearly as impactive as blogspot.

As I think, perhaps it’s the name of the blog?  Maybe the topics don’t work.  I really don’t know.  I am fairly certain when I post the exact same posts, for example, on an I get more visits on the latter verses the former.  The difference really is that simple, and the audience numbers are dramatically different.

One thing I do know is that the Christ-Follower blog gives me more  features:  It gives me more font options than does WordPress. Also, I have a translate button on my free blog.  I cannot seem to get the help I need from WordPress to help me set this option up on my premium account.  Perhaps WordPress does not offer this option???  So, the WordPress or Chaplain Mac accounts, are not equal in user friendliness nor support.  Did I say I am paying WordPress for the one with fewer options?  Hmmmm?

Anyway, those of you who follow this blog, if you are still out there, what do you think?  What would be your plan of action?  Your input would be great.


Chaplain Mac

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