Spirituality – Struggle -God’s Guidance

Rock-Solid Spirituality & Decision Making

Rock-Solid Spirituality requires honesty with God, others and myself. And today, if I am really honest with myself, my spiritual journey has recently been a struggle. I am not saying that I have failed to overcome, but I did and do spiritually & psycho-socially struggle. I still am struggling mildly.  It’s not been a struggle because God’s powerful,  just and forthright character is somehow deficient.  No this is not the case at all.  God is indeed good all the time, and all the time God is good. It’s been a struggle because of my humanness.  Let me elaborate.

We have been finally trying to make a decision about where to ultimately settle in a place of worship and service. And this has turned out to be a real process:  After retirement, we tried a place for over two years, and sadly we were disappointed it didn’t work out for a number of reasons. Side issues from the decision to attempt worship and service there, have given us consequences that we would rather not have.  Hence we have  struggle.   We have kept looking for a place to worship and serve, and we thought we have arrived at a new place, and we may have; however, we sincerely have practiced what I call “Proverbs 3:5 & 6-ing it.” This has made our decision making interesting.

Following this ancient wisdom can be a challenge.  You see, the thing about this Proverb 3: 5 & 6-ing things, is that second part of the ancient wisdom.  You know what I am talking about.  Don’t you?  You know the part that says “Don’t lean on your own understanding.” I think our own natural way of looking at things can really get in the way of following God’s will and or guidance. I  can only speak for myself, but I have spent most of my life doing things a certain way, and I tend to rely on my particular understanding when it comes to trying to  make wise choices.  I suspect, if you have ever drawn a breath, you have this as a part of your experience as well. I don’t know about you, but I am use to what I am  use to, and tend to follow well worn paths of our experience. But God is saying clearly “Don’t do that”  when His guidance is sought.

I wonder why God would say such a thing?  Just a little reflection helps me see that each us are very limited in our perception of things. Our own understanding is way too limited in comparison to God’s way of doing things.  As a human beings,  we are really finite when everything else in God’s Universe is considered. I am talking microscopic. So, in making these worship and service decisions, TLOML and  I really have to get focused on God.  It is important we must seek His grace to believe, feel, want and do the God thing the God way,  and when we do this we can stop leaning on our own understanding and lean on Jesus. HE is  helping with all this.

Here is what I know is true.  Here is the good news!  In God’s good time, we will arrive at the place we need to be.  Why? This is true because God is always faithful.

Chaplain Mac.

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