Jesus’ Final Answers: MOM!

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The Responsibility of The Son of God.

The Responsibility Of A Son.

While Jesus hanged there looking down at the crowd, He saw His mother, and He saw “the disciple whom He loved,” John.  All the other male disciples had failed Him and they ran away like terrified little boys.  But not John.  And Mary, His Mother stayed as close by — at every possible moment — during those horrible unholy yet holy seconds, minutes and hours, as she watched Jesus move closer to His death. Yes, Jesus was and is very much The Son of God hanging there.  He was and is very much The Son of Man hanging there.  And there is no question HE was and IS The Son of Mary, and He  was indeed bleeding and dying before her grieving eyes. No mother should have to gaze upon such a thing.  Sons care what happen to their mothers, if they are any kind of people at all. Even though Jesus was abandoned by everyone, with only a thief on His side speaking respectfully to Him, and defending Him, and even though His public persona was now in tatters, He did not care what others thought of Him.

However, He did care about His mother.  He loved her even while suffering the epitome of trauma and pain. He loved her because she was the one God selected to carry Him in her womb for nine months.  He loved Her because she is the one who gave Him life. He loved her because, as a young girl, she laid down her life to allow God to publicly have her walk among judgmental people, as a pregnant single woman, and these people  had no idea what God was doing. He loved her because she cared for Him when He could not care for Himself during those helpless stages of life.  She never abandoned Him, not when she was a young virgin girl, and she would NOT cast Him off,  as an aging Jewish mother.  What normal man would not love, honor and respect their mother? What godly man would desert their Mom? Certainly not Jesus. He knew she was always there for Him.

Therefore, once He saw the only disciple left standing, He was determined, with His dying breath,  that He would — hanging there as a dying human male — do what he could.  He would not desert His Mom! He worked no miracles! He taught no eloquent teachings. He simply spoke once again with the authority that comes from Love. For it was love that was dying for humanities sins, and it was love who was concerned about His mother.

Woman, look this is your son.

Then He spoke to John

Look, this is your mother.

From that day on, John treated her as if she were his mother.  He took this aging, saintly, authentically beautiful woman, Mary, who is the Mother of Jesus, and who is The Mother of God, into his home to care for her just as if he were Jesus himself. Why did he do this?  Because he loved Jesus and he loved Mary. He did so because he was determined to obey God. This is the same God who spoke centuries before, “Honor your father and your mother.” And John obeyed this ancient command because God gave it to us to guide our lives and help us to “live long on the earth.”

May we all love Jesus, and may we all love and obey God.

Chaplain Mac.

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