The Power of Resurrection Living

The Days Following Easter

The So What

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Millions upon millions celebrated the most astonishing event in human history. We reverently rejoiced over The Resurrection of Jesus who is The Christ. We sang all kinds of songs, hymns and spiritual songs. Facebook, Twitter and other social media became inundated with greetings from Christians all over the world sharing their joy in a plethora of languages. Texts were more privately sent; however, I am fairly certain that these numbers were also too numerous to count.

So, I have a question: How might the events of the event of the resurrection, impact our lives personally for the living of this day or any day? Please keep in mind that I am not talking about how it will affect us on the grand and glorious day when Jesus comes back for His church, where the dead in Christ rise first, and the brothers and sisters remaining will be caught up with them later.  I am talking about the “so what” of practical everyday living. I am talking about how we, because of the resurrection, can experience authentic life on a one day at a time basis.


First, it is important to think about the BIG “IF.” In our holy script above, the words begin, “IF you have been raised with Christ,” This little but very big word is huge when we attempt to understand resurrection life. If we have been raised with Christ, then something begins to happen in our lives. If we have not been raised with Christ, the life giving beauty of the resurrection means nothing to us. And it means nothing because we cannot participate in the resurrection living nor the ultimate resurrection for that matter. If we deny ourselves, take up our crosses and follow Jesus, by faith, all our sins are forgiven. Wondrously God declares us righteous, holy and free from all accusation; however, if we are non-participants, in God’s viewpoint, we are unrighteous, unholy and in bondage to sin and death.  If we surrender our lives to Christ, we are crucified with him, yet we live, and it is not you or I that cause the resurrection life. It is Christ within us.

So, I have to asked another question:  Have you personally denied your old way of living, turned to Jesus and humbly asked him for forgiveness, as you believe in him as the Son of the living God? Have you actually yielded yourself to he who was crucified, dead, buried and rose from the dead? If you have given yourself to him, then he is indeed within you by the Holy Spirit, and you are in him.  But all of this comes IF you are resurrected with him by faith.

Becoming Habitual Seekers

Once we share in his resurrection, we tend to  gravitate towards being  seekers. We grow toward being people who are guided by the Holy Script above to become — and I firmly believe transformed to become — habitual seekers. As we start this custom, we begin to experience a yearning for and a turning toward refocusing our view of things. We begin to think  about the heavenly dimensions more so than planet earth. Why would we want to do that?  Continue reading the heavenly script above, and you will see that we will do this because it’s in the heavenly dimension where we find the location of Jesus sitting right next to our Heavenly Holy Father. As we grow, in the Lord, we need him more and more; therefore, we grow some more as we get in the habit of prayer, of feeding on his Word, of fellowship and we get in the habit of longing to shine our light as  witnesses to what he has done and is doing. This is how we experience resurrection living: We repeatedly practice spiritual practices that God uses to make us more like Jesus.

A New Mindset

Next we develop a new mindset: We intentionally set our minds on a heavenly view through the aforementioned spiritual practices.  Indeed, as the Apostle Paul advised, because of God’s mercy,  we are blessed to present ourselves as living sacrifices that are viewed,  by Almighty God Himself,  as being holy and acceptable to God. The Omnipotent one also views this daily surrender of ourselves as the means of bonafide spiritual worship. It is through continually surrendering ourselves each new day that  miracles occur, and we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. Consequently, we move away from conforming to the world, and we begin to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  It is then that we begin to better understand the ways of God and the will of God.  It is then, as Paul says, we can test and prove what God’s will is, and we can see that it is good pleasing and perfect. (See Romans 12:1-2)

Therefore, let us live victorious  resurrected lives one day at at time. Let us do so ON PURPOSE each new day that we are granted life on this earth.  Let us “clothe ourselves in Christ” daily by turning from the works of the enslaving acts of a sinful lifestyle, and  let us deliberately turn to Christ Jesus by intentionally putting on “The Armor of God.” ( See Romans 13:12-14, Ephesians 6:10-20) The power of resurrection living can be ours,  if we practice what The Word of God preaches.

God Bless You!

Chaplain McGowen


One thought on “The Power of Resurrection Living

  1. You conclude with for “let us” exhortations that remind us of our responsibility in living the resurrected life. We yield, we follow, we grow in grace. Let us do that.


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