May God Help Us!

Dear Christ-Followers,

Recently some rulings were made by the “Supreme Court” of The United Methodist Church that are totally unscriptural, bible phobic and blind.   Here are a few thoughts I have about this:

God still offers His saving, sanctifying (transformational) grace, to all people no matter what sin has them in bondage to sin and death. As Jesus Himself said in John 8:34 committing oneself to sin makes a person a slave to that sinful life style. See also John 8:32, John 8:36 and Galatians 5:1 where the Word offers absolute freedom from slavery to sin and death, through Jesus. I am one such person set free from bondage to sin and death. And literally millions are experiencing this delivering and saving grace around the world through the ministry and revival taking place in the UMC. Though revival is happening less so in The United States; nevertheless, NO sin is too big to keep God from loving the sinner, forgiving or saving the sinner from any and all sin. And GOD goes one step further. He makes all people who turn from their sins to Christ into New Creations, just like God did for me. (See 2 Corinthians 5:17-21)


Sadly, soon it looks like a huge split is coming in the United Methodist Church… or “Untied” Methodist Church. Yes, I said “Untied.” I said this because our unaccountable leaders, and those who would follow them, are untied from Scripture. They have become untied from the origins of our Heavenly Parent’s designs. They have become untied from the empirical evidence that shows huge numbers of homosexuals have become heterosexual or celibate; meanwhile, they chain themselves to the deceiving psycho-babble pontificated as if it were scientific fact. This babble says people cannot change their sexual orientation. So, they are untied from the authentic experience of thousands of transformed lives; therefore, they are untied from reasonable … well … reason. It may be that UMC folks will become untied from each other.  Let me explain:


I think schism is upon us, and it has already begun: Those Episcopal and other leaders who are making these toxic decisions are paid huge salaries from the apportionments of the local churches. They are even paid far in excess what most local Pastors of congregations are paid. I don’t see churches continuing to spend huge parts of their Sunday Morning offerings, which they give and gave as acts of worship to God, to pay people who don’t believe in the power of the gospel to transform human lives. I cannot see the “People Called Methodist” funding people who are intentionally disobeying their vows of ordination. I cannot see money continuing to flow from the bottom up to impart lavish and lascivious leader supported lifestyles — with the monies they crave —  in violation of God’s original design, the Bible and our General Conference Covenant. It’s just not reasonable. I cannot see God’s people continuing a journey with people who choose sinful lifestyles over salvation hope.  I think many are beginning to hear God’s Wisdom and warning from 2 Corinthians 6:14-17. Reader please go read the entire passage which culminates with Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord.”


I pray for God to have mercy and send the power of the Holy Spirit  onto the UMC, especially in the United States of America. I pray we have ears to hear what God’s Holy Spirit is saying to God’s Holy Churches.

May God Help Us!


Chaplain McGowen


3 thoughts on “May God Help Us!

  1. I do not understand the basic idea of your post. You say the JC made unbiblical decisions yet they have done the exact opposite of that. They have made it clear that a practicing homosexual cannot be in leadership, especially that of a Bishop. The only thing we have with this that is not best cases is do to a pervasive decision by the JC they were unable to go to direct removal because of our rules of clergy complaint process. They did, however lay out the process by which her removal must take place and even brought a message to those who are to do so that they themselves could be changed if they do not follow through. Now we as the church must pray for those who are called to act that they will do there job in a timely manner. If they do not than they will be charged as well.


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