Today Is A HUGE Day For The Church!

Johnson Amendment Made Anemic

Free At Last!
Free At Last!
Thank God Almighty!
Free At Last!

Please click on this site below. Get past the add and watch the short video.
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Above is a video of a minutes long, but respectfully and well debated,  debate regarding the Johnson Amendment.  You may ask, “What is that?” The answer is as follows:

In 1954 then Senator Lyndon Baines Johnson – Later President Johnson- was the majority leader in the U.S. Senate.  He was able to get passed an amendment that prevented charities from supporting political figures.  He did this to get back at a charity that supported one of his opponents over himself.  So, 501c (charities) came under the oversight of the IRS, and for all intents and purposes, under IRS scrutiny.

In time, political leaders,  including Presidential figures like Presidents Clinton and Obama, used this to be applied to churches. Ever since this happened,  this amendment provided unconstitutional power to the government over the church through the IRS. And the IRS has acted numerous times to silence political speech ,from the pulpits of America,  that didn’t agree with those governmental leaders in power.

Until 1954, Religious leaders, especially Christian Pastors, were the prophetic voice that spoke to our Presidents, Senators, Judges, Governors, State Houses and even the City/County leaders. Once the Johnson Amendment was continually enforced, the authoritative voice of the Church,  that strengthened our nation’s moral fiber, was diminished.  Only the Spiritual Leaders of The Civil Rights Movement, with leaders like Martin Luther King, stood up under the pressure of this amendment. The silence from the pulpit aided our moral decay in America.

How does this impact culture today?

  1. First example:  we have Nuns, that were being sued under President Obama’s administration and threatened by the IRS.  Why were these servants of God sued? They simply did NOT want to provide funding for abortion.
  2. Second example: Many Tea  (Taxed Enough Already ) Party groups,  it has been proven, were prevented from getting their 501c exemptions under the law. Why? They did not agree with President Obama’s tax and spend policies.  They did not want to support anything that harmed the support of originalist designed families — families with a Mom, Dad and descendants.
  3. Third example:  A baker, who simply did not want to provide cakes that expressed pro-homosexual “same sex marriage”  sentiments on the cakes, because they believed in the originalist designed family as expressed in the Bible, were fined well in excess over $100,000 because of their public expression of Christian values. They still fight legal battles against the State of Oregon.  This cost them a LOT of money.
  4. Final Example: Pro-life groups were greatly hampered in the saving of baby lives by the IRS. This cost them millions of dollars in tax money,  and it hampered their free speech. Planned Parenthood’s abortion mill went unscathed.
  5.   And the list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, those who are Bibliophobic, anti-originalist family design, pro-homosexual family design,  pro-Abortion and “The Constitution is not to be interpreted according to it’s original intent” crowd, were given free reign over the media and all of the TV airways to run morally amuck as if they alone hold to what is best or morally correct. They have had the full support of our Internal Revenue Service … aka IRS.

So, I encourage all Religious Leaders including Pastor’s, Clergy and Laity who worship every Sunday,  and or Saturdays,  to speak wisely, but boldly, to the powers that be regarding what our Lord God says is truly just, truly right, truly holy and pleasing to the God who designed us all. Don’t be timid.

God Bless You,

Al McGowen

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