The Consequences of Decision Making.

Making a decision is easy for some, but difficult for others.  Doing so can be especially challenging for people in the midst of dramatic struggle and pain. I have provided Pastoral Care and Counseling for more people than I can remember.  The numbers are significant, and a huge number want to decide not to decide when they are asked  to decide to surrender their will to God.  When they really want is  to be in control of the life wreckage they have created in creating a whole bunch of  their uncontrollable stuff. 

Now, keep in mind that to decide to not decide is indeed a decision. This non-deciding decision does not occur in a vacuum, and it will have consequences perhaps more significant than if they had decided to make a healthy choice followed up with a plan. I have seen people in bondage to cocaine not decide to surrender their addiction to the Creator.  Needless to say, they became progressively worse and they cycled downward spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially and physically.

Others, however, did indeed decide they couldn’t get free from their addiction all by themselves.  They decided to turn from their addiction to Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.  They decided to let go and let God and turn the wreckage of their lives over to God.  In so doing they decided to trust, not only God, but other people to help them.  This, as they would say, was the best decision they had made in their lives. Yes, they had admitted they are powerless over their lives and their lives were unmanageable.  Their lives were out of their control and they admitted it. So coming to God, the power greater than themselves to make them sane well and whole, proved to be transformational.

Now you may say, “Well I am not drug addict.”  And you might be right; however, everyone of us is born in bondage to sin and death, and our spirits no longer function to make us God sensitive.  This prevents us from having an intimate relationship with our Creator. God is love, but the connection with God, that would give us freedom from our love hunger and starvation,  was and is broken without healing it, without resurrecting our spirits and giving us life. Jesus is the one who came to give us life.  He is the one who came to die and be resurrected.  It really is true, because He lives, we also can receive from Him the power to live also.

BUT … we have to decide to follow Jesus.  So, what will you decide? Will you decide to follow Jesus?  Or will you decide that, right now, you would rather not decide. If you decide not to decide, I will be very sad at the decision you have made.  The consequences are devastating eternally speaking.  But if you decide to turn from your brokenness, bondage to sin and death and your inability to fill up you love tanks, to Jesus, well that would be simply wonderful.


Chaplain Mac

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