Continuing To Pray Against Hurricane(s)

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Heavenly Father,

We humbly bow before You, knowing full well that You still rule over the winds and the waves. We also know that You can answer our prayers by telling us “no” as well as “yes.” And You know the big picture far better than we mere human beings; however, either way, we acknowledge You as God, and we acknowledge You certainly do rule over a hurricane named Irma or Jose. Their births did not surprise you.  Their present states of being are not too big for You. Then too, You will still be God, and in control, after Irma and Jose have dissipated into rainstorms, and then gentle rain, until they are no more. The weather media are indicating that this storm, Irma, is a MONSTER storm. And they are saying it will travel over heavily populated land masses. Only You know for sure. 

We pray that the land mass Irma encounters will weaken it. We pray that dry air, upper level disturbances and powerful windsheer would damage it. And we pray for the cold front, located on the continental United States, will move in such  away that the high pressure, located in the Atlantic will move east, and cause Irma to do the same in order that Irma cannot do harm.

We are in no way telling You how to be God, but we are taking advantage of Your marvelous grace promises where You have told us individually and collectively, Cast ALL our cares upon You because You care about us. And we obey and come boldly unto the throne of grace to obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. So, we boldly pray all that we have already prayed, and we also cast our cares on you and pray “Have mercy on us O Lord! Give us a Rock-Solid Faith Foundation for facing of this storm! Diminish Irma or destroy it, please!  Move it away from Your children, our children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren and keep us safe. Please show yourself mighty in the taming of this storm.

As for me and my family, I pray You maintain, and keep around our homes, those possessions You loan to us, and even our very selves, a hedge, bubble and shield of protection and prosperity that cannot be penetrated in any way. Nor can this hedge, bubble and shield be taken down.

In Jesus Name We Pray, and We Thank You For Hearing Our Prayer.


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