Praying “In The Eye of The Storm”

Hurricane “Alley” Florida A Prayer
#Pray For Caribbean

Before the blog, click on the youtube site above, and know that
“The Lord HE IS God!”

Dear God,

It seems to be getting more “real” for we who are Floridians.  I want to thank you that we face all life’s storms holding on tight, by faith, to You who is the True and The Living God who is Almighty. And we can rest in You whom we have found to be — and know is  — our “Refuge and Strength” and who is our “Present Help in Time of Need.”

(Co-Prayers See Psalm 46 and abide with it a little while.  Build your faith.)

We trust You now as this hurricane reportedly is coming right up the the middle of Florida. O Lord, thank You that you are in absolute control. We believe in You, and we pray to You that You will continue to answer our prayers, according to Your perfect will,  even as You have already begun weakening this storm.

Now, we ask that you continue to weaken Irma, and we ask that — the second this storm hits ground — that it will be weakened at an exponential and a miraculous rate, wherever it touches ground.  Again, we know You still rule the wind, the waves, the rain and all that exists; and, You certainly will oversee we who are your children.

Guide us, we pray, in being prepared. May we be sure to do all we can to cooperate with Your protective grace.  Have mercy and protect we who are Your children who live in Florida and who are under the threat of Hurricane Irma.  Protect each and everyone of our family members, please.  We trust You to maintain,  around each of our loved ones and we who are praying, Your powerful, hedge, bubble and shield protection.  

Additionally, we ask You to forgive any who proclaim to know you, but whose focus is more about partying than praying and preparing. Like Your Son, Jesus, we celebrate life’s blessings:  We celebrate all the good You do for us, have done for us and have given to us. Thank You for life itself. Thank You for faith, family and friends, for the supply of all our needs according to Your riches in Glory! AND we thank You for the joy of living that can ONLY come from You; but, we don’t want to ever be a people who take You for granted, treat You like some “Bellhop in the Sky,” and then actually expect Your blessings on we who say we claim Your name that is above all names. We humbly ask to receive Your grace “to sow to The Spirit”  that will result in an abundant harvest of victory and blessings. Hallelujah!

Thank you, Lord, that our victory is indeed IN You,  through Your Son, Jesus,  by the power of Your Own Holy Spirit! Thank You, Lord, for loving us and for hearing our prayers! Thank You for making us recipients of Your marvelous and miraculous sustaining and saving grace! Blessed Be You Holy Name Forever!”

In Jesus Name.






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