I Still Believe In Miracles

Some May Just Be Surprised

As you all continue to pray that this Former Cat-5 Hurricane would get wind shear, which it did, and it became a Cat-4 and then a Cat-3. And as we continue to pray that it drop in strength exponentially and miraculously it is now blowing DOWN below a Cat-2, and will enter Tampa a Cat -1. This is the latest report I observed. I am not making this up.

Keep it up People of Prayer. Some of the forecasters are admitting a bit of a surprise. HMMM? I know many won’t believe a word I have been saying over these several days, but that’s okay.

I am still praying “In The Eye of The Storm” and I am still believing that God is truly God, in the name of HIS Son, Jesus, by the Power of The Holy Spirit. AMEN! AND Hallelujah! A Cat-2 trending to Cat-1 sounds a whole lot better to me than a CAT-4.

I am also grateful to be facing this much weaker Hurricane Irma, as I trust God to maintain HIS Hedge, Bubble and Shield of protection around my family and friends who will actually believe God does such things… even today!!!!!!

God Bless You

Thank You For Praying “In The Eye of The Storm!”

Chaplain Mac

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