Praying To Cover Someone’s Six


Hi Y’all,

As you read this,  a whole lot of people have got a “whole lot of shaking going on” in their lives. So, I am asking y’all to help me cover someone’s “SIX.”  And right now my wife and I could use some of that “SIX” covering ourselves.  So, let’s get a whole lot of “SIX”Covering going on ALL around the world.  And if you need some help with your “Six,” Then get on board.

Let’s take Jesus seriously when HE says, “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19  Don’t be surprised, if the one I am praying for, as well as my wife and me, and you all who are joining up having each other’s “SIX,” Start feeling more balanced and peaceful.

So here is what to pray as we agree together. By the way, if you are covering someone else, be sure to put their name where you see the word …

Image result for picture of the serenity prayer

God Bless You

Chaplain Mac

4 thoughts on “Praying To Cover Someone’s Six

  1. Al,

    Good morning! We have certainly been praying for the two of you! I am either not awake, or just confused, however. I have never heard of someone’s SIX, nor has Dallas. You will have to explain the expression!



    • Hi. I am still praying for you to become 100%. By the way, “SIX” is an old airman’s term. It means “back” Or to protect the area you cannot see yourself. When someone protects your “Six” they are keeping you safe. Be Blessed and Be Well, Laura, in Jesus name. AMEN


  2. Hello Mac, May greetings + Blessings abound. My reply may seem a bit out of the ordinary to you (or not), but I see your deeds + I would like to encourage you. Perhaps, a lot has happened to you in these last 2 months, one way or the other. Count it all Joy. I would like to follow you, please follow me and I will @isanmaatrust on Twitter We cannot not pray in agreement exactly as you ask and you cite Matthew because I’m not sure what you mean by six, but we’re praying for you + yours regardless. I have found that it is better to not ask prayer of myself, but rather our bigger selves…The many of us who have the same struggles as you and if you open your heart to their pain, they will heal yours through the Power of the Cross. This is what Jesus did for us, he carries our burdens for us and when Christ lives in us (a gift of Faith given by God), we carry the burdens for others. Our Father is a Good Father and He Wills for us to cover one another in love bringing peace + comfort and an abundance of beauty beyond anyone’s understanding. In the Lord’s Prayer He tells us everything we need to know (and I make it my own, just how I roll): Dear Heavenly Father of Ours, Your Name is Holy Your Kingdom Will Come, Your Will Shall be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven. (It is finished). At the Cross, Forgive us for Our Sins, as we Forgive Those who Sin against us. Blind us to temptation and evil is CRUSHed sexual immorality has been crushed. Lead us to lust for the blanketing Love from Our Father in Heaven and His love for us. Make us each like Children of God, with child-like Faith for all that is Good + beautiful, helping one another with their burdens at the Cross. Soften Our Hearts. Melt Our Hearts with your overwhelming fire and breathe new life into us. Restore us Father in Heaven to be Your Children for Your Good, Blessed with Your Holy Spirit to cover one another especially in prayer all in Jesus Name and all for God’s Glory. We pray without ceasing restoration for all. Let us sing of His Praises forever. Let the CHILDREN’s Choir Lead the Church to shift in SONG around the world #globalprayer in Jesus Name. #coveroneanother
    Listen to what our children need, I think they need Jesus. I know they do, my Father tells me so.


    • Hi, Thank you for your comment. “Six” is a term we use in the military regarding protecting a person from their back or vulnerable side. When someone has your “six” they are watching your back. I would love to follow you, but I tried and for some reason I am disallowed. God bless you, and again, thank you for your comments.


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