Living Blessed Or Needing A Do Over?

Putting Down Roots: Living Blessed 

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What is is like to put down roots? What kind of behaviors grow out of such a life? Are their any positive effects that come from being rooted? Or does it make any difference whether or not a person’s life is rooted and grounded by those original designed values which secularist now call “traditional values?”

I am fairly certain that it’s difficult for some to put down such roots as these. For some who hold the secularist mindset — formerly called by originalist — a “worldly” mindset,  such a life is just too restrictive. They would, in their words, want to be “free.”  For them having any guidance for holy or sacred living  sounds archaic, irrelevant,  and not in step with the twenty-first century world in which we live.

The Blessed Person

Avoiding Wicked Counsel & Walking The Walk 

The blessed person, according to ancient wisdom, actually noticeably avoids certain life entrapping behaviors. We don’t walk in wicked counsel. “WICKED COUNSEL?”  YUP! There are wicked counselors out there in the real world: That’s right!  I actually said a word that has virtually been erased from public discourse along with the word “sin.”  Some synonyms for this word “Wicked” are evil, sinful, immoral, wrong, bad, corrupt, base, mean, vile villainous and or nefarious. 

Such counsel, which the Psalmist calls wicked, is sadly the norm for all too many people, just as it was in the day of the Psalmist. Much counsel was given then, as it is now, where that which is evil to God is considered good to the wicked, and that which is good to God is considered evil. I could spend the entirety of this blog spelling out wicked counsel in which the righteous person will not walk. But this is not the purview of this blog today. Needless to say, it is my opinion that walking with Jesus is the best blessed way to walk through life.

We Stand In Good Standing

The blessed/righteous one also doesn’t stand a certain way in order to be in good standing with God. They do not “Stand in the way of sinners.” Nope. They don’t take their stand on principles that are contrary to the truth.  They know for a fact that in knowing THE truth, the truth will set each one of us free, and this is indeed a blessing. What is truth?  Jesus tells us  “I am … the truth.” He calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Truth.  Finally he says of God’s Word, “Your Word IS Truth.”  Blessed ones also  know lies will have the opposite effect and enslave the ones believing the lies.

We Sit Elsewhere


There is a whole new generation of haters who are hate filled and hurtful. They have a value system that is scornful of anyone holding to The Creator’s original design. The couple, Aaron and Melissa Klein, were fined $135,000 for not baking a cake for a homosexual couple in Oregon. The hatred demonstrated toward them by the State of Oregon, and what is called “the gay community,” surely were not acting with much gaiety. Pure hatred spewed from them and even some of the “church” in that area. True Christ Followers do  not “hate” anyone! To be sure, the haters project (projection is clearly one of their defense mechanisms) their hate on us calling us what they are,  but the righteous only want people to be liberated, just as we were,  from bondage to sin and death. God will indeed bless these who are being persecuted by haters for living godly lives. And God knows his followers are not scorners/haters. We only,  along with all others who are righteous through faith in Christ, clearly walk right, stand right and sit right.

Living Blessed, We Are Delighted In God’s Word!

God’s Word delights us. It transforms us. It makes us better people.  It makes us Godly people. It takes we, who are ordinary people, and causes us to be transformed to do extraordinary things. God’s Word contributes to us receiving new God hearts. As we delight ourselves in Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4-5)

We Become Like A Deeply Rooted Tree Near River Water.

One need only look at California to see the horrors of dried up trees that became scorched kindling, and which fed horrendous  fires, to understand how great the promise of blessings of God are for us. Now, I am NOT saying everyone burned by the California fires is evil or wicked. But I am saying of we who put down roots in God’s word that  “We are like a tree planted by the water.” We continue to grow now matter what season of life.  We grow up in Christ and our roots go down into the Word of God, and God blesses us as a consequence of settling our lives down in him. 

 “The Wicked?”

Can I Get A Do Over?

The ancient writer speaks in some fairly harsh terms regarding these who do Walk in the counsel of the wicked.  The writer is fairly clear regarding these who actually do stand in the sin filled ways. He doesn’t “pull any punches” regarding how such as these sit in scorning seats. Since they don’t put down roots in the eternal, God blows their earthly lives away like chaff (trash.) Whatever “toys” they gained in life, they do not take them with them.  He also says, when Judgment comes, and it surely will come, they don’t stand up under the scrutiny of God.  He prepared a way for them to be able to do so, but they wanted nothing of it while on earth.  This is so sad. After judgement they do not get to congregate with the blessed righteous one in God’s presence. For the Lord knows the way of the righteous, but as the ancient one says, “The wicked will perish.” Such will be the fate of the wicked or “or nots.”

This Last Horrible Outcome Can Change As Long As You Have Breath

The good news is that NO ONE has to perish. As the Apostle Peter tells us, “God is not willing that any should perish, but that everyone should come to repentance…” turn from sin/wickedness to Jesus:  Jesus paid the price for everyone’s wickedness.  And anyone who turns from their sins, and from their wicked ways to receive Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord, God will hear their prayers of confession,  and God will forgive each one and cleanse each one who comes to him. Yes he will “wash them whiter than snow” from their sins/wickedness and the consequences of the same. God WILL grant a do over. 

Let me ask you: Do you want a do over? Do You want to be blessed … OR NOT?

Chaplain Mac







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