The Power of Spiritual Bankruptcy.

Blessed are the poor in spirit.
For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.

     How can there be power in being spiritually bankrupt? Well there isn’t any power whatsoever in being spiritual bankrupt in an of itself. The power comes when we realize we are spiritually bankrupt,  and then we humble ourselves before God, turn from our sin to God and admit just how lost we are without him. The blessing, transformation and the freedom come from surrendering to Jesus by faith.  When we do this, we are well on our way to a transformed life.

Becoming Enslaved

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Many, who are enslaved by sin, learned this the hard way: As Jesus says, “If you commit yourself to sin (a sinful lifestyle,) you become enslaved to that sin.” (John 8:34.) The lives of millions of people across the earth validate this very important truth. Many times it comes with only the taking of one drink, that becomes two, that becomes ten, that becomes a habitual clinging to a bottle until a person is lost in a stupor and depression.  Or it begins with the click of a mouse on an elicit website. This grabs hold of a healthy passion and makes it unhealthy/unholy. Then a habit forms  that seemingly takes the clicker over and the one doing the clicking. Or it starts with one bet, two bets, three bets, four or more until a family finds it’s finances on the edge. Sexual behavior, outside the healthy and holy state of marriage, has driven some to a place where they will have non-marital sex, adulterous sex, homosexual sex, pedophilia and other sexual sins. I even hear people who justify this behavior by saying, “I cannot change.” And rather than admit spiritual bankruptcy, which will begin the journey toward transformation and freedom, they simply become slaves of their passions. Some die of any number of sexually transmitted diseases or they become ill and infect others. Food seems to get a pass in our culture; however, it also can enslave a person to the point of destroying one’s health.

Who’s Fault Is It?
Or What Is At Fault?

     For one thing, it is not God’s fault! God doesn’t cause all this pain and suffering! Sin — a word removed from our vocabulary —  enslaving sin,  committed again and again,  causes this. Generations pass this enslavement from to another. Or bondage to not doing the right thing repeatedly,  to maintain a public persona,  will enslave a person big time. This is a form of “the sin of omission.”  In the Apostle Paul’s day, he called this enslavement “wanting to please man more than God.” This too is bondage making soul blinding sin! Closely related to this is telling half truths,  while omitting the whole truth. This too will enslave a person,  and their family, to the bondage of not even knowing when they — or their spouse — are lying. Indeed, omitting the truth,  by telling people what you think they need to know for you to be “right, ” look good or to get what you want, will also enslave the committer of omission sins. A person will certainly be entrapped, and even injure other innocent people, as they live their hypocrisy legacy by saying one thing from their life’s pulpit, and yet they do another. Eventually they will have their dark reward. Consequently,  the culprit is the individual committing to sin, and sin then takes them over. It really does chain them in bondage.  Then their deadly enslavement will one day leave them alienated from God; yet, God would help them be liberated, if the recognize for themselves that they are the spiritually bankrupt person they have come to be.

Cannot Handle The Truth

This is what Jesus is telling us in John 8: 32-36, and he is also attempting to teach religious people who would not hear this or could not hear this. They simply could not handle the truth.  They even got angry at Jesus for offering them freedom; nevertheless, all of us need to get honest regarding our chains. We need to  know that admitting we are powerless to break our chains is the absolute unadulterated truth that will set us free. Jesus is the truth. When we admit this truth of our spiritual bankruptcy to him, the Lord sets us free, and we are free indeed. (John 8:36.) The blessing comes, and the Kingdom of Heaven becomes ours! Freedom in Christ becomes ours! Liberation from bondage to sin and death becomes ours! Yes indeed, we are indeed free indeed! And this is such a real blessing for the “poor in spirit!” This is such a blessing for those of us who can admit our spiritual bankruptcy! But first each one must actually honestly admit we need help.

Why not receive the power of admitting what God and we already know? Why not recognize that what Jesus said is true: “Apart from me you can do no-thing.” Why not come alive and be blessed by recognizing that each one of us, when we admit our spiritual bankruptcy, one day at a time, can also testify to the unquestionable, life transforming truth, that “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” 

Be blessed today.  Acknowledge spiritual bankruptcy. Be forgiven. Be transformed. Be God’s own recipient of The Kingdom of Heaven.

Chaplain Mac


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