The Unpopularity of Successful Light Shining

       Just Thinking:
Matthew 5:14
“You are the light of the world … “ 

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God doesn’t call The Body of Christ (His authentic Church) to be popular. God does NOT call us to join the world in it’s darkness.  He calls us to obediently be the light of the world and shine His light. He does so in order that those who want to come out of the darkness, and into God’s light, will be drawn to God to experience faith in Jesus the Christ; and as a result, they too can shine and share in the wonderful  Gift of Eternal Life. In other words, they will also be able join the family of God: And they will also be able to fully share life with The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit daily and forever! 

Standing Out

Needless to say, Christ-Followers might just stand out a bit as we shine on … brothers and sisters. It really is okay to demonstrate a daily, sacred and different kind of life. Light chases away darkness. It is a fact that,  if we are the light of the world, we will indeed be different from the darkness that enslaves folks to bondage to sin and death. Being God’s light might even feel a bit uncomfortable as we navigate the world around us; nevertheless, let’s covenant with God and each other, one day at a time, to be a light shining, life giving, healthy and holy kind of different. Let’s agree with our Creator, and one another,  to daily surrender to our Creator. Let’s do so in order that the Creator can cause us can shine on anyway. Those who receive this light will be eternally grateful.

God Bless You,

Chaplain Mac

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