The Perfect Person

The Sad Part of Being A “Ten” Doesn’t Include The Heart

Back in the day when I was quite a bit younger, the movie industry declared a certain attractive female “The Perfect Ten.” Her name is Bo Derek. You generations nexters can google the name to get an understanding of what I am saying. Her perfection was demonstrated by a video of her coming out of a body of water in a one piece, but very revealing swimsuit, and she did indeed look very attractive. Sadly, it didn’t take long before people were getting measured by the number ten. This meant the evaluated person was perfect, if they were given a “10” by their judges regarding their physical attributes. 

Similarly, at the olympic games, female gymnast, who were also appearing physically perfect, were beginning to accomplish what was once considered impossible: They scored a perfect 10 over and over again. The sad part of all this judgment was that no one was looking at the heart of these gymnast or anyone else being judged using a physical ruler. Even the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, and others rockers coming after him,  while looking every bit of a Ten, in the prime of life, had things going on inside that tore at the heart of their inner sense of well being. Authentic perfection, when based on outward packaging, doesn’t really seem to be anywhere around. And the physical begins to fall away and decay. This kind of perfection is nothing like the perfect person I am blogging about today. Indeed, it has very little to do with a person being perfect.

Describing The Perfect Person

The actual perfect person might be tall. They might be short. They might be average height. They might have blue eyes, brown eyes or hazel eyes. Big ears could be connected to the side of the head of this perfect person. Or those ears could be small and close to the head. The perfect person could have a big ole nose or a little bitty one. Their nose could be wide, not wide or pointed. They might even be a little portly around the middle, or they may be athletically gymnast strong or a long distance runner who is fleet of foot. The actual perfect person could have physical challenges, mental challenges, or not very many challenges at all. The perfect person could be of any race or socioeconomic group. The actual perfect person might wear just the right makeup or wear no makeup at all. All the “normal” things we attribute to perfection have virtually nothing to do with what makes a person perfect.  And their perfection comes not from anything they have done or do or ever could do. Actually, the perfect person’s perfection comes from something that happened centuries or even millennia before they were born. 

Here is How to Become Perfect

See the source image

Did you notice this scripture/picture to the left? Take some time to check it out, if you want to be perfect. This actually reveals the ancient secret regarding how a person is made perfect? After reading it, do you see that you can be a perfect person, and even I can be a perfect person. God actually makes people perfect in His eyes. Who are they? They are people God has perfected “forever,” and they are people who are “sanctified.” So, how does a person become sanctified in order for God to view them as perfect? Again, “It’s a God thing honey!” At this point it has little to do with the person themself. Back up a few verses to Hebrews 10:10. Here we see that “We have been sanctified by the offering of the body of Jesus Christ, once and for all.” Who are the “we?” The “we” are the people who have been redeemed. That is everyone of their sins are forgiven. See Hebrews 9:12.

Do you see the pattern here? We really only have one responsibility, and that is to simply turn our lives, by faith, over to Christ Jesus. He gave Himself willingly as a sin “offering” to take away all our sins.  We turn from our breaking of God’s law (sinning habitually) to Christ Jesus as our Savior, Redeemer, Sanctifier an our Perfector. To say this another way, we are forgiven, which leads to sanctification — being made holy in God’s sight and set apart for holy use, which leads to God declaring us  perfect in God’s sight, and then, if you read a little farther, you will see God Almighty transforms us to be more like him. That is to say, He writes his laws on our hearts, and he places them in our minds.”

To Be Clear

Let’s be clear and then close this one out: When God makes you perfect in His sight, surrounding people may not see you any differently. Or if they do notice some changes in you, they may like it or not. Some will even dislike it. But “they” don’t get to be the “decider” about who is perfect and who is not perfect. God does all the deciding that needs to be done. And once you have opened your heart to the God of the Universe, through His Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit, God declares you perfect in “His sight.” And that is the only viewpoint that matters.

Have a great day.

God Bless You
Chaplain Mac

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