The Triple The Plus


The Way

The Truth

The Life

No one comes to God the Father except through me.
Jesus – John 14:6

Things have gotten muddled with a whole bunch of people who report they are a part of the Church. It seems that a  number of Clergy, and some laity, believe that Jesus is only one of the ways to God. His truth is the truth as He, Jesus, sees it, and that life can also be found in multiple ways; therefore, they also, by extension,  disbelieve the ultimate and final word that Jesus speaks when He claims the NO ONE can actually even get to God the Father without coming through Him.

Here is what is wrong with this quicksand philosophy: First, if all of what Jesus says here is NOT true, then anyone who says it is not true has to believe that Jesus is NOT telling the truth. Second, If he is not telling the truth, then he is a deceiver. To say this more bluntly, Jesus has to be a liar, if He is not telling the truth.  In  our culture a liar is defined as one who habitually lies. In the verse above their are at least three lies, and then a summary lie, if Jesus is not to be taken seriously. That seems fairly habitual … four lies in a few seconds. Third, this then speaks to Jesus character. If Jesus is a liar, where else is he morally deficient? Fourth, if He is morally deficient, He cannot be the sinless Savior of the world.

Hey This Some Very Strong Language

Now, reader, you may think I am using some very strong language. Yet, the Apostle John,  who wrote this verse, also wrote 1 John 5:10. This says, “He who does not believe God calls God a liar because he does not believe the record God gave of His Son.” God’s record of His Son, Jesus, is what Jesus makes clear regarding the triple “The” promises. These promises are solid, and they are true.

Why Not?

Why not use some firm language? If indeed there is only one path to God, as there is, should I not share the map. If there is only one absolute truth flowing from the very throne of God to bring us hope, peace and salvation, should I not tell it? If life is found –and only found — in one place, should I not share this eternal life fountain of youth with you. And if there is no other way to the Father, but I pointed you to some other ways, what kind of a man would I be?  I would be pure evil. And evil is live spelled backwards. I choose to share the words of life with you so that you can live.

Please follow the way. Please live by the truth. Please receive the truth. Run to the Father through Jesus. You will extremely glad that you did.

Chaplain Mac

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