“It’s A God Thing, Honey!”

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ; nevertheless, I live.
Yet, it is not I, but it is Christ who lives inside of me.
And the life I live in this body I live by 
the faith of the Son of God
who loves me and gave himself for me.

Looking At It All Wrong: A Confused Young Man

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When I was younger so much younger than today, I sometimes had a skewed view of healthy/holy spirituality. When I read this passage in Galatians 2:20,  I would view the Apostle Paul with admiration because I thought of him as such a surrendered guy that he actually believed he was crucified with Christ. I thought to myself, “WOW! Now that is a holy man.” I had such a wrong view of this passage. My viewpoint was that I had to get to the state of walking so perfectly worthy with the Lord that I could one day possibly hope to be so godly that I was indeed crucified with Christ.  I felt that being crucified with Christ applied to the exceptional holy few. I embraced the idea that being crucified with Christ was something I had to work hard at obtaining.  I was so wrong.


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Loving It!

What I am about to say is REALLY GOOD: Anyone who has turned from their sins, denied their old way of living, and who has taken up the cross of Christ to follow Jesus was, is,  and evermore shall be crucified with Christ! Don’t you just love this?  I am talking about God’s viewpoint children of God! I don’t have to be good enough to qualify. And it gets better! Not only did we and our sins die on that cross, we are now fully alive! Because Jesus lives, we also now live! The human spirit, the part of us that makes us God conscious, which died when our first ancestors sinned, and when we first sinned, came back to life right inside of the core of our being. Our spirit once again became and becomes central to our eternal make up! We became “reborn” or “born again!” We passed from death unto life! We can now actually walk with God daily. It still gets better! The life we now live in this old body we live by faith… not our works. You guessed it. It gets even more better! I really like this translation because the faith that makes this miracle  occur is Jesus own faith! We actually live by the faith of the Son of God! One more “it gets better!!!” Jesus’ motivation is extremely clear. He makes all this happen because he actually loves us and gave himself for us! He proved it!  Most of us know that there is no greater love than to lay down a life for a friend. (Check out what Jesus said in John 15:13) He did this for us individually. And he did this for all of us collectively. No child of God is left out! Wahoo! Praise The Lord!

It’s A God Thing Honey!” Della Reese.

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Years ago the secular critics seemed to try to  doom the TV series Touched by an Angel before it even was viewed on TV.  Yup! Before anyone ever saw one show, they gave it horrible reviews; nevertheless,  the show took off and was highly successful. The critics were surprised. So, they interviewed a key figure behind this shows’ success — Della Reese. They asked her, given that the critics didn’t give Touched by an Angel a chance, they wanted to know, “why did Touched by an Angel succeed?” She told them, “It’s a God thing honey!” All that I am very happily sharing with you in today’s web log is a “God Thing Honey.” And it has very little to do with whether or not you feel worthy.  None of us are. God simply makes all of this happen! We just let go and let God take over.

I am hoping you get what I am saying: God’s viewpoint is that being crucified with Christ is a God thing for each one of us and everyone of us! Do you want to actually be crucified with Christ? Let it happen to you because it’s a God thing! Do you want to be more alive that you could imagine?  Surrender your life to Jesus because it’s a God thing! Do you want daily fellowship with God? Get ready for a heavenly holy hug, because it’s a God thing! Do you want Christ, the very Son of God, in your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit? Open up your heart to him because it’s a God thing!  Do you want to be in love with the very lover of your soul? Choose love because God is love, God is in love with you, and God’s experienced love is also very much a God thing! Are you unsure about how to make all this happen?  Neither you nor I make this happen. God makes it happen because it is a “God thing honey!” It is God’s will to work all this out in you and me and through you and me.  I know we hear this so much that it doesn’t thrill us, but it should! This is a God thing because God loves you and me,  and He gave himself for you and me!

Be Blessed.

Chaplain Mac

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