Never! Never!

Never will I leave you.
Never will I forsake you.
Hebrews 13:5

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Sometimes we find ourselves going through a whole lot of stuff. Sometimes, it seems that anything that can go wrong will go wrong at the absolute worst moment in time. The challenge may be spiritual. It may be emotional. It might be a relationship that is not as we would like it to be. Finances sometimes get in the way of having a balanced life. Or even worse, a debilitating illness that affects us spiritually, emotionally, relationally and financially almost takes away the air we breathe. Everything just piles on, and we feel all alone, but let me promise you that you are NEVER alone!

Can I actually say this with so firmly.  YES I CAN! I can say this, not because I have any clout. I say this because this is a promise that comes from the very lips of Almighty God. As a matter of fact, in the holy writ written above, the Lord God goes out of His way to be emphatically clear. He says it twice to make sure we hear! He says “NEVER,” and then he says “NEVER” one more time. Go back and look at what He is declaring. Will I leave you? “NEVER!”  Will I forsake you? “NEVER!”


Think about these things: Whatever your spiritual struggle, the Lord will NEVER leave you to journey through it all by yourself! Never forget His promises to you. The LORD IS! The Lord IS MINE! He is MY Shepherd! “I shall NOT want.” That is I shall not lack any good thing! Read that Psalm 23 when you are down and out or up and down. Reread it, and reflect on what God is promising you. He has the successful spiritual journey down pat. He will help  you with your spiritual journey.


Whatever emotional state or grief is plaguing you, you are NEVER alone. He, who is a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief,  has gone through it, and He will get you through it! Hold on to the one who is holding on to you tightly. Be still. Breathe deeply, let God’s Holy Spirit be the one who helps you shoulder the burdens of your emotional challenges.


A relationship may be unresolvable and painfully broken, but there is one relationship you can always count on. It is the one we have with the heavenly Father, through Jesus by the power of The Holy Spirit! No one can snatch this relationship from you.


Finances may be tight, and you don’t see a way to be fiscally sound. Well the one who owns cattle on a thousand hills, and the ONE to whom  all the gold and silver belongs,  promises you, as His child, to give you this day your daily bread.  He promises to supply all your needs according to His riches in glory! So, ask Him to help you. 


You say, “but I am so physically weak!” Please don’t give up dear one! Continue to believe in the one God who loves you so much that He sent His only begotten Son that, if you only believe in Him, you will NEVER perish, but you will have eternal life. You will share in God’s life now and forever. Our bodies may be weak, and even aging and sick, but keep faith in the God who will either heal you now or heal you in heaven. 

Partnership Praying With Jesus and The Holy Spirit!

Let all your sorrow and fear flow away from you in prayer to the one who is at the throne of grace. Let him bottle all your tears as He loves you. Trust Him who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, whose punishment brought peace with God to us, and by whose stripes we were healed. (Isaiah 53:5) Have faith that God will control whatever is going on with you physically. Do this even if you have to give it up to Him one second at at time, one moment at a time, one hour at a time, one DAY at a time … Cry out to Him and say “HELP ME! HELP ME LORD!  Keep on saying it! And He Will!

I pray for you today dear friend. Please Let God befriend you through His Son, Jesus, by His own Holy Spirit’s power. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you, in your weakness, to pray as you had ought.  (Romans 8:26.) Ask Jesus to pray for you regarding whatever you are going through, for He promises He is ever interceding for you. (Romans 8:34) He is the one mediator between God and humanity ( 1 Timothy 1:5) And He knows how to pray much better than you, as His Holy Spirit will strengthen and help you spiritually, emotionally, relationally, financially, and — yes — even physically. I pray you NEVER give up… Never give up … because God is NEVER NEVER going to give up on you.  Have H.O.P.E. Hold On Promises Eternal. 

God bless you.

Chaplain Mac

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