P.U.S.H For Some V.I.P.s (Very Important Persons)

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This is a request for you, and all with whom you connect, to pray. Please join us and pray for the women and men, of Batter B., 3rd Battalion 116th FA. These patriots  have deployed and serve our nation. So, given their current location, prayer is of vital importance! Pray for the Soldiers AND their families here at home. Soldiers have historically been protected when God’s people pray for them. I have seen this throughout my ministry as a Pastor and Chaplain. Indeed, God’s protective power has been manifested in even ancient warriors lives when people pray. Read the “Warriors Psalm” to see what I mean. (Psalm 91:1 and following verses.) However, I am recommending that we pray for, not only protection, but other things:

Examples of How To Pray

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For example, pray for …

  1. Salvation of those who don’t know the Lord … both home and abroad. Some of us have already been doing this every day for weeks, and you may not know it, but three soldiers have already come to know the Lord and have been baptized while in country. They have made Jesus the Lord of their lives while serving in a Muslim area of the world, and they have been baptized.
  2. Pray for them to be emotionally strong. War settings can go from being an experience of abject boredom to unbelievable horror in a second. Being separated from loved ones can, for their soldiers and their families, cause emotional grief and struggle. So, having a resilient emotional state of being is important. Again, pray for their families, and them, regarding their emotional state.
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    Pray for their relationships. The first prayer request covers their relationship with God, but their relationship with their families is really something for which to pray: Separation from loved ones, and family, can cause them or their families real pain and challenge. When a deployed person is away from family, I know from personal experience, anything that can go wrong, or multiple significant life changing occurrences just pop up. Dryers can die, discovery of pregnancies shortly after deployment can become news, and any number of things can change the balance of life. These sort of things impacts both positively or negatively on relationships. Think of this way: deployed personnel are impacted by life changes the same as we are. So, let’s pray practicing the Golden Rule. How would you or I like others to pray for us, if life happened, and we were thousands of miles away.

  4. Pray for finances to become or be good. Deployment can seriously impact a family’s bottom line financially speaking. So, pray for God to help them have a successful financial plan,
  5. Pray for physical well-being. Yes, this does include safety, but it also includes more: People, at home and abroad can get sick. I pray that this doesn’t happen. But if it does, I pray for healing. I pray for optimal medical care. As Jesus said, “The sick need a physician.” I pray their medical providers to be gifted beyond anything they have experienced before.

If You Cannot Pray At Our Location

Pray where you are located and, perhaps, do a little more:

  1. Announce it in your church or small group.
  2.  Come for a few moments where you are in the world.
  3. Forward this web log to at-least twenty or more friends asking them to do the same.

Most of these soldiers are from Polk and Hillsborough county. Many grew up here and attended our schools.  Others are from Orange County and Jacksonville, Ft Lauderdale and Melbourne in Brevard County. But all are from a home base here in Florida. Even more importantly, they are the next generation serving and protecting our nation.

Click Click Click

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Please Click on the site below for how to be a part of this short time of  prayer.  You may have to copy and paste it to your URL. Again, you can come for only long enough to pray yourself. Or you can pray in place where you are located.  I would like ask you to please click on “going” or “interested” to tell us you are doing some form of prayer, and that you are supporting this very important endeavor. I would love to know that scores of people in our area, or around the world, are either “going” or  “interested.’ This will demonstrate prayer support for our soldiers. 

  Here is the site y’all:   –>

Will You Pray Until Something Happens?

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Now, I am not asking you to think about praying, I am asking you to  Pray Until Something Happens: Pray until these soldiers and families will walk free in Christ. Pray until the soldiers and families experience emotional resilience. Pray until the Creator of relationships works within the challenges of their lives to make their relationships sound and secure. Pray the the Lord will give them, this day, their daily bread. Pray He will supply all their needs according to His riches in glory.  Pray for them until the Almighty assures their protection and all other physical/medical health and well being. Pray until they are safely home and then pray for them continually each day.  Yes, I am asking you to P.U.S.H!

Be Blessed As You Continue To Pray

May The God of Peace
Who  Through The Blood of The Eternal Covenant
Brought Back From The Dead
The Lord Jesus
Equip You With Everything Good For Doing His Will
Especially As You Pray
Chaplain Mac


See the source image




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