Praying Like A Champ: Following Orders.

Jesus looked out and saw all the crowds of people.
It seemed they were lost and weary without a shepherd.
So, He gave His disciples their
First Great Commission.
It’s the same one He gives to you and me.


“The harvest is great.
The Laborers are few.
I want you to pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will
“Send laborers into His harvest.”
Matthew 9: 37-38

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Praying To The Lord of The Harvest

Jesus understands how much each human being needs to be shepherded through life. He knows people are lost without Him, even if the Lost people don’t know they are lost. Jesus came, as the Good Shepherd, to remedy this serious problem. He came to “lay down His life for the sheep.”  Because of His love and compassion for these shepherd-less “sheep,” 
He also gave some specific commands to we Christ-Followers who live among the lost: He told us, after seeing these wandering crowds, “The harvest is great, and the laborers are few. Pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will send laborers into His harvest.” This is not just a request. No indeed! He is giving commands for His Prayer Champions.

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Spiritual Practice: “Calling” Prayer

     What Jesus is saying is simple and clear, but let me break it down: God is giving us an uncomplicated,  even undemanding, but expected, practical spiritual practice — ORDERS — to help people overcome losing their souls,  and to save them from the doldrums of meaningless lives: He is not calling us to do something extraordinary. He is only telling us to pray a short prayer. And I think He wants us to do so consistently on a daily basis.  He is telling us to pray His simple “calling” prayer. He is seeking volunteers who want the opportunity to eternally excel as one of the Prayer Champions I previously mentioned. 

Calling Us To Call On God

He is not asking us to pray long flowing complicated prayers. He is only calling on us to call on God to call average every day people into the simple God ministry of shepherding friends, relatives, associates and neighbors into HIS sheepfold. It is in this place, He will give them eternally full lives. He is doing this in order that the God Shepherd will eternally transform these “sheep”  to stop meandering and start living by following the Good Shepherd.


      You are the perfect person to be a Champion for Christ. And all you have to do is keep your prayer short, secret, simple, sincere and specific. Be a winner! Be a Christ- Follower who follows orders: “Pray to the Lord of The Harvest that He will send forth Laborers into God’s Harvest. And God will do all that is needed to have your prayers answered. 

Join me today and everyday God gives you breath.
Pray this commanded prayer.
Pray like a Champion.
Follow Orders.
You, and your friends will be glad you did.

Y’all Be Blessed Now.

Chaplain Mac

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