Family: O.D.F. and N.O.D.s

The Healthiest Family Structure

It is clear historically, scientifically and sociologically that the  Original Design of the Family is  the healthiest family structure. When I say O.D.F., I am talking about a family with a Dad (Husband,) Mom (Wife) and children.  This also includes people who do not have children.  I do not call this design “The Traditional Family” because the source of this linguistic manipulation came up with this term to put the Original Design Family on the same spiritual-psycho/social level as new forms of “family.”  I also am not using the word “Spouse” to replace the O.D.F. terms of “Husband” and “Wife.” This too has been a verbal manipulation to justify some forms of what has been called “marriage.” Eliminating these two gender specific terms allows for restructuring and remolding our society in harmful ways.

O.D.F.s Vs N.O.D.s

Let me be clear:  Yes, over the years, new forms of what is called “family” have developed. I call these Non Original Design Families or (N.O.D.s) These were formerly called “broken” families before the intentional and intense reculturization of our society took place. I use this word ” broken” with fear and trepidation because social engineers can really bring out some hate toward people who speak in terms that were formerly the norm.   Still too, other “families” were created to justify certain life styles.

At any rate,  research bears out the negative impact on people who have to cope with these alternate family structures or N.O.D.s while growing up. Studies clearly show that those growing up in the O.D.F  are less likely to molested, tend to live longer, be more resilient in stressful situations, and they tend to have a better quality of life than those reared in other family structures. I am not saying people growing up in O.D.F. families are better people than the N.O.D.s or alternate family structures. I am saying the O.D.F families simply have better opportunities within any given society.

Masquerading and The Unintended Consequences

The deceived people who masquerade as Christians, and who pontificate the so called “progressive view” of family, language and history, are doing significant harm. The fruits of their labor are not progressive but regressive. As they manipulate the language,  and as they make values human centric–rather than God centric–they are speeding our culture to a devolution that will cause our country, and western civilization, to become a modern version of the ancient super powers of Greece and Rome.  If these revisionist of culture, language and history succeed, with their digressive reordering of society, which includes redefining the family, it won’t be long before people will look on the ruins of our nation with the similar view of the crumbling structures of these two former super powers. They will see us like they see them: We will be viewed as what was but never more shall be; furthermore, the eternal consequences  their redoing of the world might just be even more devastating.

I hope and pray that we will reject their reordering of society and that we have a reformation, revitalization and renewal of the family.

God Bless You.

Chaplain Mac

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