Chaplain Alfred McGowen

Christ-Follower, Husband, Dad, Papa Mac, and Poppa, even World Traveler. Retired Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Pastoral Caregiver, Counselor Spiritual Director, Wisdom Writer, Blogger, Disabled Veteran, Former Medic, Retired Military Chaplain and Mental Health Chaplain. A man who wore the U.S. Air Force Uniform, active duty and reserves, (including IRR status.) from 1970-2010, except for 3 years of school. As a graduate of The University of Alabama, and Memphis Theological Seminary, he became an ordained United Methodist Clergy and received multiple credentials to numerous to highlight here. The above describes a man who has a formal title of Chaplain, Lieutenant Colonel, Alfred McGowen, USAFR (Ret.) or “Reverend.” But he is affectionately called by those whom he has served as Chappy, Chaplain Mac, Mac, Pastor Al, Brother Al,, or just plain Al.” He provided and provides care for those traumatized by sin, Satan, and by just living in dysfunctional families and or relative “normal families,” whatever that may be. Needless to say, many of them – a little over one percent of our population – are victims of a seemingly unending war for which they patriotically, bravely and freely volunteered, while ninety-nine % of the citizenry benefit from their sacrifice. Chaplain Mac cared for those with wounds: Many had devastating, debilitating physical wounds caused by explosive weapons of war. Then there are those who have the kind of wounds that cannot be seen. One thing that many of them have in common is that the foundations of their lives have become like quicksand. Sadly many did not possess what those who have gone before us had. What’s missing? The missing ingredient is a Rock-Solid Foundation to help them to be resilient or thrive. Chappy believes the root causes of their issues originate with the secularist movement: This movement, through social engineering, political correctness and such, have removed the foundational faith principles from our schools that served our families and nation so well throughout history. This empowered them to rewrite history. And they have effectively chased churches into the seclusion of their buildings. For all intents and purposes, they have bullied the population and The Church into silence. He also believes some of them have joined churches, and they have diluted the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. But Pastor Al believes that there is hope for us yet, if we can discover “Rock-Solid Living in a Quicksand World.” Learn more:¬† ¬†Why not copy and paste this Amazon site to your URL, check out the book and encourage others to do the same?

God Bless You Today.